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Things I have found helpful, Part 1 - Hanging From a Bar

Updated: May 31, 2020

This is a series of creative writing blogs somewhat centered on helpful exercises hastily woven into the pattern of reality. Understanding is doing. Participating is knowing. Participation is the language of God, the Logos, the unfallen language where what happens is not described after the fact, but spoken into being by the meaning of the action. Words are sometimes this but usually not. Not knowing anything outside of participation is remaining truthful. There is no observing reality here. I see only by taking part in this. The start of real vision is blindness of the looker and seeing through the doing. How far can I see into what I am doing? Depends on how long I hang out with what I am doing. How long I hold onto it. Hanging is helpful if the body has broken in any way. Hanging allows the body to grow back into wholeness using the downward pull of gravity and focus as a scaffolding. The hands and feet hang as one thing and the body grows around that. The body forms around that completeness held in the grip. My hands start to hurt holding all this and I fall. I hold on again as long as I can so that the complete scaffolding of me becomes an eternal memory fueled by the passage of time. I grow around this paradoxical eternity created by holding on while time passes. "Healthy modern Human's are still capable of brachiation." I agree. Something about being able to hold on is related to holding on to health. There's really nothing to contribute to this effort other than time. Time can fuel or time can erase. Prayerful action receives time as fuel rather than a passing. Fight against or hold onto something at least once a day. More if you really want to grow around or connected to that thing. Time is a fuel which cycles or cyclone that obliterates. I like hanging from a bar. You don't get any stronger by trying here(Effort is required to be there because if you're not actually there, then it can't happen on its own). The body eventually grows around the grip like a tree around a bike abandoned decades ago. I'm not really even squeezing anymore. Eventually, the bike that was just leaning, can't be knocked over. Anything inside the grip can't get out with out breaking a bone. I hang here motionless, this could go deeper and deeper but at least it is no longer disappointing. I didn't do this. I just remained there motionless in time, holding on, and strength grew around it by the grace of God, like all life and all accomplishment. The body grows around anything connected to it with regularity. A person can't work directly to become better or stronger. No one makes their body. They must just grow around work and struggle until that level of effort and strength is trapped inside them. Taken inside in such a way that it can't be removed with out breaking something. Failure becomes impossible with out going beyond the limits of reality and that is the best a good person can do. It's not exactly ethical to break reality just to accomplish something or have an experience of attainment and I've never seen it done with out injuring the future. Its not a personal effort, a technique, that results in improvement. It is not a particular thing that I did a particular number of times. It is more like the growth around a habit. Growth around a mentality. An invisible scaffolding that is too simple to list the parts required to reconstruct it. This growth around the invisible works for anything we hold onto. I've held on to somethings I didn't want to grow attached to and I had to be broken to get them out of my grip(I was warned not to make that face or it would stick). (Staying in cold water is another popular kind of hanging which people have learned to grow around. All forms of vision questing. Asking to participate in the Life of God. To become real rather than a puppet. Truth rather than confusion. Prayer could be seen as holding onto God. Impractically hanging from the impossibly highest, against a constant pull downward where you naturally rest. The danger here is that holding onto an idea - words not spoken correctly, meaning disconnected from Truth, fallen language - will tend to leave us feeling empty. Dangerously empty. Empty enough to cause problems out of spite and lie to justify it. Then to feel good, to feel smug, about who was hurt, myself or others. At that point it is never obvious and so far removed from reality that words of truth can't reach. To not fall into that emptiness, the words need to be correct, spoken through participation, where even a compulsive liar can not lie and what is said is infinitely loud, beyond man's conception of distance, scale, or volume. The Rosetta Stone of this Word is that Love is what is bad for me and good for you. It is not a good feeling, positive attention, synergy, acceptance, support, or experience; it is self sacrifice for someone else. It is a lessening of me, a withdrawal of life, a removal of support, a negative experience willingly accepted for the increase of an other. Sacrifice is the participation in Love, is the Word Love Truly Spoken, not as a description but as a creation, is the key to unlocking the unfallen language man grows around in the shape of God. But regardless of all that, hanging from a bar until it is no longer a problem of holding on has been very useful in healing broken areas of my body and improving my grip strength. So far, more than 30 minuets a day seems to damage my hands and makes it harder to hold on to anything, so don't over do it. Regularity is the key to growth here.

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